What would happen if reopening South Africa’s economy?


The lockdown cause by Coronavirus has affected negatively on the economic of South Africa.

South Africa is taking some very cautious steps during the time of blockade, while trying to maintain the balance between stopping the virus spreading and supporting essential elements for the economy.

But right now, reopening the economy is so much harder than closing it. It is because South Africa’s economy has already been in the economic depression even before the crisis began.

The first phase of the reopening plan has been announced on Wednesday. According to it, only a few sectors can reopen, with limited workers. Take restaurants for example. They can continue their business but take-away is the only solution.


With 5647 infected case and 103 deaths, South Africa is not a dangerous zone compare to Europe or the U.S

But the damages on the economic is massive. There has been robbery in some places, and the view of endless waiting lines for food aid has reached international.

Losing business and losing house

The primary phase of the plan allow sectors of industries such as steel production, mining and some clothing stores can resume to business.

But it is not easy to find employees during this state and the business owners are considering whether to reopen or not.

Most sectors are required to pause until the disease is under control. But many business can not hold much longer.

“Everyday, I receive phone calls from staff begging for support because they have lost both their jobs and their house,” said Johann Baard – executive director of the South African Apparel Association


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