UNICEF: “Do not underestimate other diseases”


While the whole world is fighting against the Coronavirus, other fatal disease still continue killing millions, including many children.

According to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), due to the suspension of immunizations on April that 117 million children are at risk of infecting measles.

“Everything is devoted to the battle against the Covid-19. It has put such strain a healthcare system that at some locations, the usual services has been excluded.”, said Robin Nandy, Head of UNICEF’s immunization service.

Only in 2018 that measles killed more than 140,000 people. Most of the victims were under five years old. There are also more than 2500 children die everyday because of pneumonia, a bacterial infection that can be treated with effective and inexpensive medicines.

Nigeria is where pneumonia is the most common cause of child death. There have already been worries that the Coivd-19 prevents many children accessing to medical support when needed.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, even before the appearance of Covid-19, there were already several epidemics going around. Malaria is still a threat to babies, causing about 13.000 deaths each year while measles killed 6000 people, mostly children since it began back in 2019.

In April, the World Health Organization (WHO) was preparing to announce the end of the Ebola epidemic in this country but had to postpone due to new cases recorded.

“There were already serious threats. Covid-19 has only strengthened them,” said Alex Mutanganyi, the person in charge of the fight against Covid-19 in the DRC for the NGO Save the Children.

(Source: Africanews)


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