The importance of hand washing


Back in 2018, Nigeria recorded the largest number of children washing their hands in a single day, beat the record holder at the moment, India. Now, hand washing has become a must in this pandemic time.

Reckkit Benckiser, Founder of Dettol, the hygiene products company that funded the hand washing record said that : “Nobody expected 2020 will start with a highly infectious and fatal disease like Covid-19.” But also because of it that makes hand washing to be more expanded, especially among young ages.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, the company has donated hygiene products to the aid package distributed by Lagos and Ogun governments when all citizens had to stay inside during the two-weeks lockdown.

“Now, we know that Coronavirus is a easily communicable disease, but the chances of spreading are greatly reduced when people wash their hands, so we are encouraging every citizens out there to adopt these hygiene practice.”

In Lagos, a “school hygiene program” came up after the government realized that educating young people on the important of good hygiene was essential for defeating communicable diseases. Beyond Lagos, hand washing and any other form of hand hygiene is becoming a routine forced by COVID-19.

Banks have cut down on service hours, but customers must use hand sanitiser before going through the revolving doors. Even local pubs provide hand washing stations before entering.

With COVID-19 still raging, the hope is to flatten the transmission curve, and hand washing might just help flatten the curve easier and sooner.


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