Ramadan 2020: Pictures of how Muslims fast around the globe


The Muslim sacred month of Ramadan has started, and the occasion appears to be a lot of unique than it has in years past.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, numerous Islamic sacred locales stay vacant, remembering Mecca and Medina for Saudi Arabia and the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Muslims are being encouraged to pray at home.

Different mosques are attempting to rehearse social separating.

2-year-old Yusuf Kamel observes his parents Ahmad Kamel and Nadia Chaouch prepare a meal to break their daily Ramadan fast in Seattle.
Meals are being made by volunteers for migrant workers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
A visually impaired lady in Medan, Indonesia, peruses the Quran.
Quietly praying in the nature, banks of Dal Lake in Srinagar, India.
A young boy in northern Gaza plays with a DIY sparkler celebrating Ramadan
Family break their fast on the rooftop of their home in Colombo, Sri Lanka, as the sun goes down

Source: CNN


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