Up until this moment, the pandemic caused by Coronavirus still stands as one major threat to human survival and therefore, it challenged all of the best scientists, virologist and other professionals.

Prof. Abraham Anang, Director of The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research of the University of Ghana, claimed that Ghana is about weeks away from successfully developing drugs for Coronavirus. The Institute has become the most important health organization in Ghana since the first case was recorded on March 12th.

“It will take 8 weeks to establish the culture systems for pre-clinical studies experiment. This gen gave us the opportunity to advance our research and extend our information. Therefore we can develop new drugs from herbs and traditional medicines.

Prof. Abraham Anang, Director of The Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research

He also repeated that the Institute had to cooperate with other Governments Departments to create a foundation to diagnose correctly. The Ghana government also contributed to this research by providing finance for recruitment scientists.

“We are still on the drawing board, haven’t gone far to the point of developing new vaccines. We are looking for more useful data and extend our information in order to design such vaccine. But let me also add that the Institute has very high standards that can meet the United States’s.”

The Institute was established in 1979 in memory of a Japanese scientist, Hideyo Noguchi, who died of yellow fever in 1928, a year after arriving in Ghana a to help fight yellow fever. It still remains as one of the leading centers for scientific experiments and medical research for differents epidemics.

(Source: Africa news)


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