COVID-19: Vietnam tested their vaccine for Coronavirus on mice


Mr.Do Tuan Dat, Director of the No. 1 Vaccine and Biological Products Company, the unit that is developing the COVID-19 vaccine, said the company’s scientists have injected a test vaccine on mice and and taken blood sample for evaluation.

This is the first stage of the vaccine development process, after the vaccine was fitted with the Coronavirus antigen in the laboratory. We have tested on mice and take blood samples to evaluate the immunological effect. After 2-3 weeks there will be results of immune response and the safety. Then we will continue to do the dosage, official testing on animals, on people in small groups and large groups.

According to his information, there are currently about 70-80 vaccine developers around the world that are at the same stage as Vietnam ( testing on mice); there are 8 companies that faster, in which they are testing on both animals and humans.

Because this is a new disease, there is no commercial vaccine product to prevent COVID-19 and it is in a pandemic, so many manufacturers have moved quickly towards simultaneous testing in humans and animals.

This is the first time that Vietnamese vaccine developers have researched and produced vaccines using domestic investment fund, in a very new and accessible way to the world.

Vietnam is considered a country with vaccine manufacturing industry and has produced vaccines since the 1960s, with dozens of vaccines currently serving the immunization program in the country.

(Source: Tuoitre)


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