Cheating husband was chopped off his manhood by wife


Janet Ekpe, a 33-year-old woman living in Nasarawa state has killed her husband, Sunday Ekpe because she discovered that he was cheating with her best friend behind her back.

Janet and Sunday had two kids together, and they were living a thought tho be happy life. However, the sexual needs from Sunday to Janet had decreased after the second child although her 8-year husband is a sex addict. Janet noticed that at some point, her husband refuse completely.

Things started to get complicated.

After much investigation, Janet discovered that her husband had transferred his desire to her best friend, Hellen, who is a widow. Janet said she used to boasted her husband’s skill on bed to her friends that some of them had even asked to “borrow” him for testing.

Janet was so tired of all the excuses from her husband for not touching her. Then one day, she got angry and decided to kill him. She poisoned Sunday and watched slowly and painfully passed away in an hour. She also stated that she had chopped off his manhood.

Below are some parts from her confession:

When we got married eight years ago, sex seemed to be the only thing on my husband’s mind. He was always in the mood. There were days he skipped work and we would spend the whole day making love.
But shortly after we had our two kids, I began to notice his disinterest in sex with me and his performance level began to drop.

He even told me that sex is not food and that if I felt so sex-starved, I should get a man to satisfy me.

Unknown to me, my best friend, Hellen, who is a widow, started keeping distance with me, while some of my friends started hinting that she and my husband were dating. 

I used to love and trust my husband but he turned me into something I never knew I could become: a murderer. I killed him.

I mixed a deadly, colorless, tasteless, and odorless substance in his meal and drinking water which destroyed his intestines immediately. He cried and struggled uncontrollably after taking the meal. He gave up after an hour and I used a sharp blade and knife to chop off his penis, place it on his chest as evidence of what killed him.

“Janet’s action was wrong, but she is a human being too”, said Adakole Onoja, an uncle of Sunday, who was also interviewed. He revealed that he had talked to Sunday several times to warn him about his actions.

But it was too late. And things got worse. To the point it has completely destroyed everything : a happy family, a friendship and most of all, the two innocent kids’ mind.

(Source: lindaikejisblog)


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